Your Children Need New Parents


I’m spending this week serving as a media assistant (self-titled) for our District Minister’s Renewal. It’s been a good time. Running the media has meant that I have to pay close attention to everything that happens in the service since I am responsible for what is displayed on the screens. I especially have to pay attention to the speaker. He is a pretty good storyteller and communicator so I would probably pay pretty good attention anyway but my hyper focus during these last two sessions have caused me to relate some of what he is saying about leadership to parenting. I learned that as parents we need to become new every now and then. That’s right, your children need new parents.



I wrote a few days ago about being tired and how normal that was. Yes, it is normal but it isn’t good to stay tired. We need to be renewed. The speaker spoke tonight about leading with a full plate and an empty cup. How true is that as a parent. Our plates are perpetually running over with school, shopping, sports, dance, church, date nights, friends, blah, blah, and more blah. We are so busy, in fact, that we never allow ourselves the time to be refilled. Our cup is empty. We need to do a couple things to make this better.


First we need to say no. Learn the power of saying no to that person, or thing, or opportunity that you really don’t need. Let it go. It’s not that important. It’s really not more important than your sanity or your family relationships. Next time you’re asked about adding another something on top of the pile that is your plate, say no.


We also need to find out how we best recharge and refill and make that a priority. Time in prayer and God’s word should be the first priority. You may then need to add something else to that as well. Maybe it’s exercise, maybe it’s a video game, maybe you just like to sit and stare into the dark. For my wife it’s reading and dancing (especially pointe ballet) and for me it’s a good story (book, movie, tv, game, or audio) and playing drums.


Find what will recharge you and refill your cup and make it a part of your routine. Your kids need you to recharge so that your time with them can be as effective and beneficial as possible. Your spouse needs you to refill so that you can give all of yourself to them. You need to be recharged and refilled for yourself because you’ll just be a better you.


Author: Michael Prince

Michael Prince co-authored “What’s in Your Pocket? A parent’s guide to protecting your children online.” with his wife Melinda. They have four kids and live in an RV anywhere in the USA they see the need for an internet safety expert. Michael is leading the conversation in the American Church about family online security. He and Melinda founded BecauseFamily, a ministry that exists to inspire and equip parents to be the first influence in the lives of their children, in 2013. Michael is also a geek and loves Star Wars, Doctor Who, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and strategy board games.