Dad! Publicize Your Walk With Jesus

Even my time in the word is very contemplative. I don’t think this is a bad thing but it makes it a bit more complicated to lead my family in the worship, prayer, and scripture reading department. So I have to adjust.

Your Children Need New Parents

Our plates are perpetually running over with school, shopping, sports, dance, church, date nights, friends, blah, blah, and more blah. We are so busy, in fact, that we never allow ourselves the time to be refilled. Our cup is empty. We need to do a couple things to make this better.

I CAN’T Mess This Up

    I’ve never heard a parent of adult children say: “I wish I had been less involved when my kids were growing up.” As I counsel parents after workshops or other ministry I never hear “I think I spent too much time with my kids” or “If only I had given them less of[…]

My Kid’s Other Daddy

              Something clicks inside me when I am the only one responsible for my children. I have an ability to adapt to any situation. I can calmly settle disputes. I can even prepare multiple meals simultaneously while remembering everyone’s dietary restrictions and meal presentation preferences. I don’t know where[…]

Blogging with One Hand (an essay on a life of chaos)

It’s amazing what the “American Dream” has become. More stuff, less time, more stress, less priority, more work, less play, more debt, and less freedom. It’s tragic to think that in a country where we can be whatever we chose to be we are bound by what everyone else says we should be. Not our family. Not anymore!