Seeing the Future 2: Mid-Week Ministry


(…Continued from Monday: ) 3. Parents Love to Plan And last and most obvious is the fact that parents have their child’s future figured out before they’re out of diapers. One good strong toss of the baseball, and they’re in … Continue reading

Seeing the Future: Mom and Dad Monday


I was at the ripe age of twenty three when I was asked to begin a ministry in our church for Junior High School Students. My wife and I prayed and studied to come up with a suitable name and … Continue reading

Mid-Week Ministry


All I ever read or hear is how your ministry should be relevant to the culture, you should minister to teens in the same way society gets their messages across to them. I understood that concept, and for years, I ministered that way. It wasn’t until I saw the downfalls of this concept that I began looking for something else.

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