Send Your Wife to a Conference

My wife, Melinda and I have gotten very good at communication. We bring up and discuss interesting and challenging topics all the time. We get personal, we lovingly get in each other’s faces, we work stuff out. While this is one of the things that makes our relationship strong, it’s not enough for our growth as believers in Christ. That’s why, every year, I send my wife to a conference.

To say “I send my wife” anywhere is obviously tongue in cheek. She wants to go, no, has to go. We realized that this year is her eighth time to attend the Designed for Life conference held by James River Church. Every year has been extremely timely and boosted her growth in her faith and walk with God.

This year she was so filled up that she was spewing everything she’d learned and been challenged by on me. Since, as I said, we discuss everything she came home exhausted and we would still go to bed only for her to preach to me as we lay next to each other. I’m not complaining. It was amazing. God used the leadership and speakers at DFL to delight, challenge, empower, and embolden my introverted and contemplative wife. Then God used her to convict and challenge me.

Watch your kids for a few days, dad. Cancel your weekend plans. Buy the ticket. Call her friends up and invite them too. Or maybe just tell her you think she should go to something like Designed for Life. She, most likely, can handle preparations. The point is to prioritize your wife’s spiritual growth and make yourself available to eliminate any reasons she may not be able to go. 


It’s important for your wife. It’s important for you marriage. It’s important for your family.

Author: Michael Prince

Michael Prince co-authored “What’s in Your Pocket? A parent’s guide to protecting your children online.” with his wife Melinda. They have four kids and live in an RV anywhere in the USA they see the need for an internet safety expert. Michael is leading the conversation in the American Church about family online security. He and Melinda founded BecauseFamily, a ministry that exists to inspire and equip parents to be the first influence in the lives of their children, in 2013. Michael is also a geek and loves Star Wars, Doctor Who, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and strategy board games.