K. Michael Prince


BecauseFamily exists to inspire and equip parents to be the first influence in the lives of their children.

Seminar sessions cover the types of struggles teenagers face and the type of enemy parents, ministries, and the students themselves are facing day in and day out. It’s a tough world out there for our kids, parents must have the knowledge necessary to help them navigate this world or their children will mostly likely fail.

K. Michael Prince is a husband and a father of 4. He likes Star Wars, Doctor Who, and LOVES COFFEE!

Michael’s last 12 years have been spent in youth ministry at many levels, from volunteering to full time. First traveling with a band and sharing his testimony. Michael was then a  Jr. High Pastor and worship leader, he was a full time Assistant Student Ministry Pastor for three years before becoming the Lead Student Ministries Pastor for Tri-Lakes Church in Branson, MO and holding the same position when the church transitioned to become Grace Community Assembly.

This time in ministry has immersed him in the culture of teenagers and what makes them tick. Unfortunately Michael has seen the uphill battle most youth ministries face as they fight against the culture and often the home of the students in their ministry. Seeing this battle inspired Michael to begin a podcast for parents and youth ministers discussing the culture teenagers are living in. After over fifty episodes and two years of doing the podcast Michael decided this message was important enough to be the focus of his ministry and BecauseFamily was born.

“I incorporated the concept of ministry to parents into my student ministry efforts locally at my church. I found that this approach has strengthened not only the ministry and students but my relationship with the parents in our church.” – K. Michael Prince

Michael and his wife Melinda then became US Missionaries in the Assemblies of God, they sold their house and began the adventure of living in a motorhome with their four kids and traveling the USA. The purpose of their travels is to invest in families all over the country. There is no ministry opportunity too far.

“I get to minister all over the US and still sleep in my own bed every night.” – Michael says.

Give a BecauseFamily Seminar a thought as you continue to minister to the families in your community.

The parents in your ministry can benefit from knowing what they are up against and what God ‘s word says about countering it. Also, you can benefit as a pastor or youth minister. Imagine having parents working WITH you to deepen the relationship their teens have with God.