I Don’t Know! (The Hardest Words for a Christian to Say)

No matter what topic we are talking about: faith, prophecy, politics, social justice, sports, or geek fandom (one of my favorites) there are things I am just not authorized or qualified to speak to. I can’t tell you every single thing about the bible, for example, and the way it should be interpreted.

Night Terrors

As my son lays in bed and screams “NO NO NO AAAAHHHRRRGGGG!” I don’t touch him. I don’t intervene, I just tell him everything is ok. I assure him of what he really, truly already knows. The tricky thing is that he is technically still asleep during these night terrors so he barely even knows I’m there.

Blogging with One Hand (an essay on a life of chaos)

It’s amazing what the “American Dream” has become. More stuff, less time, more stress, less priority, more work, less play, more debt, and less freedom. It’s tragic to think that in a country where we can be whatever we chose to be we are bound by what everyone else says we should be. Not our family. Not anymore!