Achieving God’s Plan: Friday Foundations

Isaiah 46:8-13 I get extremely caught up trying to “achieve” God’s plan for my life–as if that’s even possible. I feel like if it isn’t in my hands and I’m not doing everything in my power to attain it, God’s plan will never come. Having read that, I’m sure you can imagine how I felt[…]

Strengthen the Core: Mid-Week Ministry

Summer is coming and so is our opportunity to minister to “the core.” At least, that’s what I called the remnant of students who attended our youth services during the summer. I don’t know why numbers decreased so much, but in our town, they always do. Some youth ministries in town stop having weekly services[…]

Seeing the Future 2: Mid-Week Ministry

(…Continued from Monday: ) 3. Parents Love to Plan And last and most obvious is the fact that parents have their child’s future figured out before they’re out of diapers. One good strong toss of the baseball, and they’re in tee-ball a year before all of their friends. One drawing that almost looks like a[…]

Seeing the Future: Mom and Dad Monday

I was at the ripe age of twenty three when I was asked to begin a ministry in our church for Junior High School Students. My wife and I prayed and studied to come up with a suitable name and scripture reference for the ministry. We landed on “The Freeway.” It was cool, had some[…]