Yet Another Return to Blogging

I can’t explain what goes through my head when I think of blogging. Mostly I battle back and forth about three things. One, do I have anything to say. Two, does anyone want to hear what I have to say? Three, will what I have to say offend anyone? Most often the answer to number three is what keeps me from writing anything. 


Offending people isn’t really my fear though, it’s offending people on the internet that freaks me out. I rarely see any good come from people having arguments online. You may call them debates, but I truly believe that you can’t have a true debate without tone, body language, facial expression, and eye contact. Therefore, no discussion online is truly a debate.

All of this said, I have decided to blog again anyway. I will still ask these questions but from now on it will take a negative answer to TWO of my internal inquiries in order for me to not write about something. There you have it. I’m back at it, and this time I’m not holding back. Well, within reason. So if something you read offends you, comment away but don’t expect a rebuttal unless we can get together and chat over coffee sometime. Happy reading!

Mom and Dad Monday: HAS MOVED!

I’m excited to share that the my dream to do ministry for families is becoming a reality. The Mom and Dad Monday blog posts are moving over to that ministry’s site at FOURPOINTFAMILIES.COM. Please check it out over there and sign up for the news letter and like the ministry on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and all of that awesomeness! See ya over there. Oh ya. Here’s a link to today’s post.

The Plan: A Poem (Mom and Dad Monday

I have a child, I wont tell you which one
That is going through a phase
He tests and he pushes ’till we’re about done
And ready to end his short days

My wife’s rope has come to its end
The knot she grasps is fraying
Requests to God daily we send
“Give us wisdom” is what we are praying

“I’m still learning. I’m young.” this child pleads
“I will get it some day.”
“We haven’t a choice,” we reply “we take the lead.”
“You simply must learn to obey.”

So now day in and out this child stays
By the side of mom or dad.
No friends, no events, no classes, he plays
With us even thought he gets mad

On day three of this plan our kid makes us sure
That we picked the right way
Showing love to mommy who’d been treated quite poor
Giving kisses and hugging all day.

So when you are faced with a kid that like ours
Doesn’t seem to understand
How to show respect, love, and words like flowers
Instead of deserving back hands

Don’t send them away to think about their faults
Don’t isolate them from you
Have them spend time with you and adults
Let them learn from you what to do.

Seeing the Future 2: Mid-Week Ministry


(…Continued from Monday: ) 3. Parents Love to Plan And last and most obvious is the fact that parents have their child’s future figured out before they’re out of diapers. One good strong toss of the baseball, and they’re in … Continue reading